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“Propitiation” – R.W. Glenn

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A Warning about New Revelation

But what is the truth? There is the point. Is the truth that which I imagine to be revealed to me by some private communication? Am I to fancy that I enjoy some special revelation, and am I to order … Continue reading

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Humiliation to Exaltation

“It just hangs there. It dangles as if it were simply an afterthought attached to the second chapter of Genesis. But we know there are no afterthoughts in the mind and inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Thus, we look at … Continue reading

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How May I Know If I Am in a State of Mortification?

How may I know whether the Lord has brought me into a state of mortification or not?…It may be that some of you are very desirous to be satisfied in it, so I shall give you six revealing characteristics of … Continue reading

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How special is your Bible?

Do we value our Bible enough? Do we appreciate what we hold in our hands? It is the Word of God! Let these videos remind you of how special that fact really is.

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Christ our Leader

Chapter XXXVII.–Christ is our leader, and we His soldiers. Let us then, men and brethren, with all energy act the part of soldiers, in accordance with His holy commandments.  Let us consider those who serve under our generals, with what … Continue reading

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