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Redeeming the Time Part I

During this unique time we have a great opportunity.  The pandemic has upset our normal schedules and caused us to evaluate how to best use our time.  Some of the activities we desire to do have been taken away and … Continue reading

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In Christ Alone (Virtual Choir)

This was done a few years ago, but it is very applicable for today.  48 singers from 14 different countries.

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Songs to Sing on Sunday

Here are some songs you might want to consider singing along with tomorrow as you worship at home with your family.

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How the World Worshipped on One of the Most Unusual Sundays in Church History

This is a pretty amazing article, one that highlights a unique time in the history of the church.  More food for thought about how the church responds to crisis.  As always, is a great resource for all sorts of … Continue reading

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Responding to the Spanish Flu of 1918

This is an article that dives deep into how churches in Washington, D.C. responded to the Spanish Flu of 1918. How DC Churches Responded When the Government Banned Public Gatherings During the Spanish Flu of 1918

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On Whether the Church Can’t Gather

Another episode from  IX Marks Ministries focused on the church gathering in the midst of the current pandemic. Episode 119: On When the Church Can’t Gather

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Read Luther’s letter about plague

This is a resource that is certainly timely.  It is not a short letter that is for sure, but it is fascinating. Read Luther’s letter about plague

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All Teaching Series Now Free to Stream

from Nathan W. Bingham at Ligonier Ministries Mar 17, 2020 As a result of the global health crisis, churches are canceling Bible studies, small groups, and Sunday school classes. Pastors and elders around the world are thinking about new ways … Continue reading

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How Might this Coronavirus Help Churches Be On Their Guard?

[Given the current situation, I will be posting various things related to the church responding to the coronavirus.  Not everything I post I will necessarily agree with.  During this time especially, let us please give other Christians grace and charity … Continue reading

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What Should Churches Do About Coronavirus?

IX Marks Ministries has a lot of good content.  In the link below Mark Dever talks about  what pastors and churches should do in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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