The true secret of spiritual prosperity!

In Christ alone, there is a full supply of all that we require for the needs of our souls. Of ourselves we are all poor, empty creatures . . .
empty of righteousness and peace, JC Ryle
empty of strength and comfort,
empty of courage and patience,
empty of power to persevere in the way of holiness,
or make progress in this evil world.

It is in Christ alone, that all these things are to be found–grace, peace, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. It is just in proportion as we live upon Him, that we are strong Christians.

It is only when self is nothing and Christ is all our confidence–that are we armed for the battle of life, and shall overcome. Only then are we prepared for the journey of life, and shall move forward.

To live on Christ,
to draw all from Christ,
to do all in the strength of Christ,
to be ever looking to Christ–
this is the true secret of spiritual prosperity!

J.C. Ryle  “Thoughts for Young Men”  See the entire article here.                                       1816 – 1900


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