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Discernment ImageA quick survey of our culture, and probably an assessment of our own lives growing up in the church, would reveal that there is a great need for discernment, theological depth, and a historical understanding of our faith in the church today. This is not just for the sake of knowledge, but for personal application.

Reformation Pratum: Discernment is the second in what we hope will be a long line of conferences that have a real impact on the lives of believers, grounding them ever more in their living, historical faith.  Our hope is to come together in fellowship with other Bible-believing Churches and believers in the area to be equipped for His good purposes.

The conference will focus on the call of Christians to be discerning Bereans, how that has looked historically, and how we can apply discernment to our Christian walk in our post-Christian culture.  There will be 6 sessions between Friday evening and Saturday morning, presented by 5 different teachers.

Where:Emmanuel Bible Church
Price: Free
Dates: November 14-15, 2014
Friday Night 5:30-9:00                                                                                                                  What is Discernment?: Pastor Eric Spuur of Mt. Angel Bible Church                                 Doing Right Doctrine Rightly: Pastor Andrew Murch of Lifepoint Church                               Having a Biblical Worldview Part 1: Larry Nickel of Emmanuel Bible Church

Saturday Morning 8:30-12:00                                                                                                   Having a Biblical Worldview Part 2: Larry Nickel of Emmanuel Bible Church               Charles Spurgeon & the Down-Grade Controversy: Brett Davisson of Emmanuel Bible Discerning What is Best: Pastor Stan Myers of Emmanuel Bible Church


Conference Session Details:

What is Discernment? Eric Spuur                                                       Pastor Eric Spuur of Mt. Angel Bible Church will tackle the Biblical definition of discernment.  Our culture, and even many Christians, say that discernment is judgmental and mean.  Eric will address this by focusing on God’s call for all believers to be discerning and the dangers of not developing discernment.  He will also address the most important aspect of discernment: the Word of God.  Eric will remind us of the fundamental importance of Sola Scriptura.

Doing Right Doctrine RightlyMurch                                                      Pastor Andrew Murch of LifePoint Church (Vancouver, WA) will address how we should engage in discernment Christianly.  What doctrines do we fight for earnestly, and what disagreements are just matters of opinion?  How do we hold fast to correct doctrine in a loving way?  Using I Timothy, Titus, and the historical example of Marcion, Andrew will navigate the tricky territory of maintaining a Christ-like attitude when we engage in doctrinal issues.

Having a Biblical WorldviewLarry                                             Larry Nickel of Emmanuel Bible Church will address the topic of discerning the competing worldviews that we are presented with today.  Our worldview is the lens through which we interpret the world around us, and making sure the Bible is that lens is of the utmost importance.  Larry will explore the implications that occur when people abandon the book of Genesis and the Bible at large, and replace it with another worldview.

Charles Spurgeon & the Down-Grade Controversy  Brett Davisson of Emmanuel Bible Church will give an historical example of discernment Brett and Jenain action.  Charles Spurgeon, known as “The Prince of Preachers”, was not a man of his time.  As churches in the late 19th century worked to “soften” the gospel message to attract more people, Spurgeon was one of the few to recognize the eternal importance of what was happening.  He was ridiculed as old fashioned and divisive at the time, but history has shown his warnings to be all too true.

Discerning What is Best         Stan Myers                                        Pastor Stan Myers of Emmanuel Bible Church will bring some very practical application to discernment using Philippians 1:9-11 as a guide.  How do we discern between not just competing claims of truth, but between competing options that all seem permissible?  How do we properly assess situations correctly and choose the right course of action?  When presented with all the choices and options in life, what should Christians strive for and what standard should we set for ourselves?

Miscellaneous Items:

  • There will be drinks and a light snack provided each day.
  • The Nursery will be available for children 2 and under (please let us know in advance).
  • Kids ages 3 through 6th grade are encouraged to attend the Kid’s Conference, or attend the adult conference with their parents.
  • Register for free using the link in the sidebar.  You do not need to print out a ticket or present proof of registration at the door – this is just for our purposes.
  • Like us on Facebook: Reformation Pratum

Come and join us to learn more about our God, the history of the church, and how we can worship and serve Him more fully.

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