Faithfulness to Christ

Small may be our strength in these last days. The tide of error, and sin, and worldliness may be running very strong. It may not be easy to confess Christ, or to hold fast His truth.

But His grace is sufficient for us; and woe be to us if we give way to the errors of the age, orHoratius Bonar conform to its vanities, or seek to please its multitudes, either under the dread of public opinion, or the fear of not being reputed ‘men of progress,’ or the shrinking from more direct persecution and hatred!  Faithfulness to Christ, and to His truth, is everything, especially in days when iniquity shall abound, and the love of many shall wax cold.

Fear not!  the reward is glorious; the honour is beyond all earthly honours.  The contempt and enmity are but for a day; the dignity and the blessedness are for ever and ever.

What though men call you narrow-minded for cleaving to the old truth,-now obsolete, as they say; for ‘worship of a book,’ or bibliolatry, as they call it; for the stern refusal to lower out testimony to our glorified Lord and the coming King?  Let us be content to bear reproach for Him and His word.  The glory to be given us at His appearing will more than compensate for all.

Horatius Bonar  “Light and Truth”  1883

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