Adoring Worship

God, Himself, must ever be the object of our worship.

AW TozerThe old creed said that we worship one God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth and of all things visible and invisible.  If we could set forth all of God’s attributes and tell all that He is, we would fall on our knees in adoring worship.  It says in the Bible that God dwells in light that is unapproachable, whom no man can see or has seen, and whom no man can see and live.  It says that God is holy and eternal and omnipotent and omniscient and sovereign, and that He has a thousand sovereign attributes.  And all of these should humble us and bring us down!

No Worship is wholly pleasing to God until there’s nothing in us displeasing God.  Now, if this discourages anybody, I do not apologize.  Actually, some of us need to be discouraged in order that we may get straightened out.  Faith and love and obedience and loyalty and high conduct of life – all of these must be taken as burnt offerings and offered to God.  If there is anything in me that does not worship God, then there is nothing in me that worships God perfectly!

I do not say that God must have a perfection of worship or He will not accept any worship at all.  I would not go that far; if I did, I would rule myself out.  And we would all hang our harps on the willows and refuse to sing the songs of the Lord in a strange land.  But, I do say that the ideal God sets before us is that we should worship as near to perfectly as we can, and that if there are areas in my being that are not harmonious and that do not worship God, then there’s no area in my being that worships God perfectly.

When all creatures, all intelligent, moral creatures are attuned in worship, then we have this symphony of creation.  For where there is not worship there is discord from the broken strings.  When all of the fully-redeemed universe is back once more worshipping God in full voice, happily and willingly and out of the heart, men will see the new creation and the new heaven and the new earth!

Worship seeks union with its beloved, and an active effort to close the gap between the heart and the God it adores is worship at its best.

A.W. Tozer  “Tozer Speaks” 1897-1963

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