Reformation Pratum: All for His Glory


October 26-27, 2018

Emmanuel Bible Church

We often forget what society and church life was like before 1517.  We also forget how much the changes from the 16th century still influence our lives today.  Reformation Pratum: All for His Glory will focus on how the Reformation fundamentally changed so much of our understanding of faith and society.  We will look at the history and theology of grace, worship, vocation, family and marriage, and assurance.  All ages are invited to attend, as we will have a simultaneous conference for kids 3 years old through 6th grade.  Nursery is also provided.  The cost is free.


Friday, 5:30-9:00 PM

The Right Time

In God’s Providence, He brought about great changes to the church and to society through the work of Martin Luther and other reformers of the 16th century.  Brett Davisson of Emmanuel Bible Church will begin the conference by setting the historical stage for how and why the Reformation was so radical.

A Restored View of the Family

 The medieval church developed a view of the family, and especially marriage, that greatly needed reforming. Dave Leandre of Living Water Church will examine how the Reformation brought about the affirmation that marriage was good, children were a blessing, and husbands and wives had different roles but equal standing before God.

A Theology of Grace

 How do we receive God’s grace?  How do we stay in His grace?  Andrew Murch of Northwest Gospel Church will explore this central theology of the Reformation, discussing the life-changing theology that celebrates the blessing that Christ’s righteousness is credited to our account.

Saturday, 8:30-12:00 AM

Sing to the Lord a New Song

     If we thought we had disagreements over how to structure the worship service, it was nothing compared to what happened during the Reformation.  Although the reformers had differing opinions about this matter, they all sought to retrieve from Scripture what faithful worship looked like.  Vladimir Mitsuk of Grace Bible Church will explain how the medieval modes of worship gave way to congregational singing, a proper understanding of the sacraments, and the centrality of the preached Word.

How Then Should We Work?

     Before the Reformation there was a definite sacred/secular divide when it came to work.  There were those who ruled, those who prayed, and those who worked.  Only those who worked in the church realm were considered to be participating in spiritual work.  Michael Tourtellotte of Emmanuel Bible Church will explore the radical shift in thinking about how one’s vocation can be redeemed for God’s glory.

Christian Assurance

Some historians have noted that the Catholic Church may have considered the doctrine of assurance that the reformers promoted to be more dangerous than any other.  Stan Myers of Emmanuel Bible Church will wrap up the conference focusing on the promise of God: that if you are truly saved it is your privilege as a believer to have assurance, not in your works, but in the finished work of Christ.



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