Reformation Pratum 2022: Pilgrim’s Progress

The conference that Emmanuel Bible Church is hosting on November 11-12 will dive into the world of Pilgrim’s Progress. Although written centuries ago, this book is applicable for Christians of any era. We will journey together through the book, exploring different aspects of the Christian walk, and equipping ourselves with the tools we need to walk in a way that honors the Lord.

November 11, 5:30-9:00 PM
November 12, 8:30 AM -12:00 PM

Who should come?

Everyone, children included!

Nursery will be provided for kids under 2 so that parents can attend the conference.

If you have Preschool kids ages 2-5, and grades K-6, please don’t feel like you can’t come, or that your kids will be bored. They will be learning about the same topics as the adults, but in a kid-friendly way. They also will lots of hands-on activities, games, and object lessons. They will have a blast!


  • SESSION I: “THE WORLD OF JOHN BUNYAN” – Brett Davisson of Emmanuel Bible Church
    • The life of John Bunyan and the historical background of Pilgrim’s Progress.
  • SESSION II: “SIN AND SALVATION” – Vladimir Mitsuk of Grace Bible Church
    • The City of Destruction through Pilgrim’s entry through the Wicket Gate. 
  • SESSION III: “PREPARATION & ASSURANCE” – Brian Satern of True Light Christian Church
    • The Interpreter’s House through The Hill Difficulty. 


  • SESSION IV: THE CHURCH & OUR SPIRITUAL BATTLE – Eric Spuur of Mt Angel Bible Church
    • The Palace Beautiful through The Valley of the Shadow of Death.
  • SESSION V: THE WORLD & TEMPTATION – Grant Clay of Emmanuel Bible Church
    • Vanity Fair through Doubting Castle.
  • SESSION VI: FINISHING WELL – Michael Tourtellotte of Emmanuel Bible Church
    • The Delectable Mountains to The Celestial City. 

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